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Chinese delegation in Colombia


Amazon (6.4)

The place where life is born, lung of the world; Its great attraction is the virgin nature and the multiple indigenous groups of the region. Navigate its rivers, connect with nature and be surprised by some of the most representative cultures of the country.

You can't miss:

-Leticia. (1, 2)

-The Amazon jungle and lakes. (5.3)

-The island of the monkeys. (7 and 8)


Barranquilla *(Intangible Heritage of Humanity) (1,2,6)

Without a doubt, the capital of the Caribbean is joy, it doesn't have to be the time of the famous carnival for you to delight in the music to the rhythm of drums, maracas and millo flutes. Astonishing for its architectural beauty with its colonial treasures, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, its streets golden by the sun and sand, the spontaneity and joy of the people of the Caribbean.

You can't miss it.

-Port. (7.8)

-The Barranquilla Carnival.* (3,4,5)

-Sailboat Port (9,10)


Bogota (2,4,9)

Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Colombia, where it is combined  modern constructions and others that evoke the past. Because it is the capital, it is the meeting point  of the Colombians, so it is not surprising that there you find a great diversity of gastronomy, crafts, music and many other things; Bogotá is simply the union of all the best of Colombia, it is an infinite place to discover.

You can't miss

-Monserrate. (6.7)

-Gold Museum. (8,10)

-La Candelaria historic center. (1,3,5,11,12)


Cali (1,3,4,7)

La sucursal de los cielos;  reconocida por la salsa, ese género musical que invade las calles de la ciudad de día y de noche, por otra parte su gastronomía tradicional de gran sabor es un espectáculo para el paladar. Recorre sus calles, visitas los miradores, acércate a los museos y disfruta de su calidez.

No te puedes perder.

• Festival mundial de la salsa y la feria de Cali. (1,2,3,4)

• Teatros e iglesias. (8,9)

• Cristo Rey. (5,6)

• El lago Calima. (10,11,12)


Caño Cristales

A este lugar se llega desde el municipio de La Macarena. Increíbles paisajes encontraras en las caminatas por el lugar y al final sorpréndete con el rio de los siete colores, donde el arcoriris parece haber bajado a tan hermosas aguas. Caño cristales es toda una experiencia.