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Cute Pandas, Emei Mountain & Golden Triangle Tour


This tour offers the homeland of the Giant Pandas in Chengdu, but also includes the famous Golden Triangle - Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. The great wall, the forbidden city, the terracottas of the warriors and horses and the Bund are all theirs and to top it all off the crossing of the Yangtze River. How incredible this trip!

Live an experience in China

land of dragons



a capital city whose history dates back at least 3000 years. In Beijing, you will find a wealth of history, both ancient and more recent……



In north central China, Xi'an is China's second largest tourist destination.



Live in 3 unforgettable experiences.

Volunteer Giant Panda Tour and Sichuan Opera Learning Experience



Leshan Giant Buddha is a statue of Maitreya in a sitting posture. In December 1996, UNESCO included the location of the Buddha on the list of World Heritage sites.



It is one of the Four Holy Buddhist Mountains of China.



Shanghai, on China's central coast, is the country's largest city and a global financial center.

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